Automotive Window Tinting Oakville

Mr. Kool Car Detailing in Oakville specializes in auto window tinting. When you want your car secure, trust the experts.  With over 12 years of experience, Mr. Kool provides you with high quality, expert care.  We care for your car the same as you do.  We make sure that we go beyond your hopes. That is why clients come to Mr. Kool Car Detailing in Oakville for their auto window tinting.

Choosing the tint for your needs:

Based on what level of tint you are looking for, Mr. Kool has it all.  We make sure that we meet the legal requirements for your tint job. 



Key Benefits

Innovative carbon technology

Black finish compliments factory tints

Non-reflective (no signal interference)

Advanced UV protection blocks more than 99% of UV rays

Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty with protection against film fading

5%, 20%, 35%, 55%, 70%


Key Benefits

Colour stable, non reflective

Replace traditional layers of metal with a fusion of nano-particles deep within the film

High performance, durable graphite colour

No interference with electronic appliances

Up to 58% heat rejection and 99% UV block

5% 20% 35%

Pure Ceramic

Key Benefits

Ceramic and non-metal technology

No signal interference

Non-reflective black finish that will not fade

Solar infrared rejection ideal for sensitive skin

Highest amount of heat block, glare, and UV protection

5% 20% 30% 80%


2 Front Windows

  • $100 Carbon
  • $160 Nano Ceramic
  • $200 Pure Ceramic

Windshield Sunstrip

  • $60 Carbon


  • $100 Light/Dark Smoke
  • $100 Protective Clear


  • $250 Carbon
  • $350 Nano Ceramic
  • $500 Pure Ceramic

Full Windshield

  • $120 Carbon
  • $200 Pure Ceramic


  • $100 Light/Dark Smoke
  • $100 Protective Clear


  • $280 Carbon
  • $400 Nano Ceramic
  • $550 Pure Ceramic

Tint Removal

  • Starting at $100


  • $30 Light/Dark Smoke
  • $30 Protective Clear


What is the added value of having window tinting?

  • You will have a safer drive when the glare from sun, snow and nearing headlights is reduced.
  • Tinting your windows makes sure that your car avoids overheating. With the proper tint, during the summer, your car’s interior can be as much as 60% cooler. 
  • Your skin will be safe from the UV rays to which your car is exposed.
  • Tints will prevent cracking and fading of your car’s interior. It will also be sheltered from UV rays.
  • The proper film on your glass can help reduce the dangers of breaking glass if you are in an accident.
  • You will have more privacy for you and the contents in your car.

We have the film you need for sun shield, sun strip, sun roof, front windows, back windows and full vehicle.

Super Dark Window Tints

Mr. Kool Car Detailing is your go to auto window tinting in Oakville.  With true vow to meet our clients’ needs, you will be glad that you have made us your choice.  Mr. Kool Car Detailing is Oakville’s first choice for auto window tinting.