Interior Car Cleaning & Shampoo

When your car needs an interior cleaning and shampoo Oakville , Mr. Kool Car Detailing is the place to come. We offer great service at a great price.  Using the latest in technology and product, we ensure that your car is kept looking its best.  Located in Oakville, Mr. Kool Car Detailing provides top quality interior car cleaning and shampoo.

Why do I need to clean the inside of my car?

While your car’s exterior takes the brunt of nature’s elements, the inside of your car is exposed to dirt too.  As you spend a lot of your time in your car, you want to feel clean when you’re in there.  Nothing is worse than masking odours with heavy perfume or chemical smells.  You want to be healthy and happy while in your car.  At Mr. Kool Car Detailing, we make sure that happens.

Interior car cleaning involves fully cleaning and restoring the finishes inside your car.  It means that we do a deep cleaning using many systems and products. 
These may include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Shampoo
  • Steam cleaning
  • Buffing
  • Scrubbing
  • Polishing

We have the concrete training to help restore cars to showroom state.  That means we remove stains, dirt and scratches.  We clean and disinfect the interior of your car including the seats, carpets, glass, trim and steering wheel.  All of this adds value to your car and makes you feel good about being behind the wheel.

Our Services:


  • Basic Interior cleaning
  • Interior vacuum and dashboard cleaning
  • Complete interior package
  • Seat shampoo
  • Fabric protection
  • Pet hair removal
  • Basic in and out package
  • Full detail package
interior car cleaning oakville

Easily located in Oakville, Mr. Kool Car Detailing is your first choice for an interior cleaning and shampoo shop.  With a true vow to meet our clients’ needs, you will be glad that you came to our shop.  Mr. Kool Car Detailing is the best choice for interior car cleaning oakville and shampoo.