Mr. Kool Car Detailing in Oakville will fix all car scratch repairs. Scratches, chips and other minor dings are likely to happen to your car. An expert detailer can fix your car so it looks as good as new.  You won’t even be able to tell there had been a scratch there.  Come to Oakville, where Mr. Kool has the experts you need to repair a scratch on your car.

While some people restore their cars to an original state, there are other people who just need a minor fix.  A scratch on your car can be an irritation, but left to the elements, it can become a bigger problem.  Mr. Kool makes sure that we repair your scratch so that it doesn’t get worse.

How We Fix It:

  • Clear-coat scratches are only on the surface and the paint job beneath is not affected. With our special compound, we can polish out the scratch.
  • Base-coat or primer scratch means we will match the paint colour where the scratch has occurred. Using a system of priming and sanding, we fix the scratch.
  • Clear coat sprays are used for deep scratch repair. We are able to make the scratch appear non-existent.

We are experts at paint matching and use the latest technology to make your car scratches all but vanish.  You will love the service as our clients are our number one priority.

What We Can Fix:

  • Rock scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Key scratches
  • Dings
  • Dents

Mr. Kool Car Detailing strives to meet all of our client’s needs.  When you are in need of a car scratch repair, Mr. Kool in Oakville is the choice.  With a broad knowledge of all aspects of car detailing and scratch repairs, you will be pleased with your visit.  For minor dings or car scratch repair , Mr. Kool Car Detailing is Oakville’s first choice.