Ceramic Automotive Paint Protection

At Mr. Kool Car Detailing, we offer high quality ceramic automotive paint protection in Oakville at a fair price. 

You want to make sure that your car’s secure from little things that make big messes in your car’s look.  From dings and dents to chips and scratches, there isn’t anything that we can’t protect you from.  The pros at Mr. Kool have been serving Oakville for over 4 years, making sure your ceramic automotive paint protection is done the first time around.


We offer Two Great Choices

fenlab auto paint protection Oakville Ceramic Pro Certified Installer Oakville


Auto Paint Protection Oakville Benefits

Exceptionally high durability: The presence of more than 60% quartz boosts toughness of the cured surface up to 9H hardness on the mineral scale of hardness (MOHS).

Incredible hydrophobic effect: The advanced nano technology facilitates water repellent ability, thereby, deterring water bond with the coated surface.

Extreme weather resistant: Irrespective of rain, storm or hot weather, the vehicle continues to retain its original shine due to the protective layer formed by 9H LDC.

Extensive warranty: In comparison to other waxes and polishes, this Liquid Diamond Coating lasts for at least 2 years due to its excellent strength. It offers a lifetime warranty on new vehicles, 5 years on used vehicle and 2 years on a marine craft.

No more buffing your vehicle or marine craft and waxing it every few months. With 9H Ceramic Coating you never need to wax again. Save money on car detailing, marine craft maintenance.

All of these serve the same purpose: to protect one of your most valued assets.

Mr. Kool Car Detailing will give you a long lasting coat for your car at a cost that you’ll agree with.  Found in Oakville, Mr. Kool provides ceramic auto paint protection Oakville for your car.  Having access to cutting edge technology and products, you will be glad you came to us.  Mr. Kool Car Detailing is Oakville’s first choice for ceramic automotive paint protection. Call us Today! 905-337-8030