Mr. Kool Car Detailing is the place to go for your exterior car wash and detailing needs in Oakville. When you need your car looking its best, why leave it to chance?  With over 15 years of experience, Mr. Kool provides you with high quality, expert care.  With a range of services for all of your car’s needs, we are bound to maintain your car’s beauty.  That’s why clients continue to come to Mr. Kool Car Detailing in Oakville for their exterior car wash and detailing.

Why do I need a Professional Car Wash and Detail?

Your car is exposed to the elements of our ever changing climate.  Salt and sand, combined with sun and dirt, cause the outside of your car to become dirty and dull.  Without the proper care, your paint can even begin to chip and rust.  We make sure that we keep ahead of the weather.  We treat your car so that it stays looking its best no matter what nature throws at it.

Our training comes from years of working in local auto shops and dealerships.  We are skilled in using the most advanced tools to clean the paint surface.  Along with keeping its appearance, we fix chips, scratches, and other damage to your car’s surface. 

Mr. Kool Car Detailing is bound to providing a cost effective method of making your car shiny and new again.  We know what you need and will exceed your expectations. With a full range of services, we provide you with a la carte upkeep to full packages. 

Our individual services include:

  • Exterior hand wash
  • Exterior wax
  • Paint seal
  • Clay bar
  • Waterless engine shampoo
  • Buffing and polishing
  • Hand wash and hand wax

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Mr. Kool Car Detailing is your local exterior car wash and detailing shop, easily located in Oakville.  With true promise to meet our clients’ needs, you will be glad that you have made us your choice.  Mr. Kool Car Detailing is Oakville’s first choice for exterior car wash and detailing.